Comments Policy

We welcome your comments to posts made on School of Government social media sites. The School of Government maintains social media sites as part of its educational mission. Consistent with that mission, the School creates social media sites for the purpose of presenting information and resources of interest to those for whom we provide services, including public officials, students, alumni, and employees.

The School of Government reserves the right to delete or block posts, users or any other content submissions that are inappropriate and inconsistent with the educational purpose of the School.

Examples of inappropriate content include any contributions that contain the following:

  • vulgar language
  • personal attacks of any kind
  • offensive comments that target or disparage any ethnic, racial, or religious or other group of people
  • spam or links to other sites
  • language that advocates illegal activity
  • promotion of particular commercial services, products, or political organizations
  • infringement on copyrights or trademarks

Please note that the content posted by visitors on the School of Government’s social media sites does not reflect the opinions and position of the School of Government or its employees.

If you have questions concerning the operation of the School of Government’s social media sites, contact the School of Government’s Instructional Support team at


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